Board of Directors
Fred Cook, 32°
LBSR CLC Board President

The Long Beach Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center is committed to providing high quality services to preschool children with language disorders. Our primary goals are:

  • early identification and treatment of language disorders and
  • parent training.

It is our belief that early intervention contributes to the possible prevention of further delays and curtails the development of secondary problems such as behavior, emotional and learning problems.

Parent training is a vital and unique part of our program. By watching and participating in the therapy sessions, parents learn how to work with their children at home.

A toddler or pre-school age child may have a speech and /or language problem if he/she:

  • Is slow acquiring first words and/or short sentences
  • Uses immature or incorrect grammatical patterns
  • Is not understood easily by others
  • Demonstrates difficulty learning new words
  • Has difficulty retrieving words to use in sentences
  • Is easily frustrated
  • Has a short attention span for learning, listening and/or problem solving.
  • Has difficulty following directions or following conversation
  • History of middle ear infections

Clinic Program

Diagnostic Evaluations

  • For children approximately 18 months until school age.

Speech and Language Therapy

  • Provided to preschool-aged children with specific language disorders.
  • Children are provided with up to 18 months of therapy.
  • The Clinic does not provide services to children already receiving therapy or children eligible for special education services in schools.

Children are seen in one of two programs

  • Itinerant Therapy: The child is seen one to three times per week in individual or small group therapy.
  • Parent Training: A group program for parents and their children that provides "hands-on" training for working on pre-verbal and verbal skills at home.

Full Calendar Year
Tuesday through Friday,
8:00 AM to 3:45 PM

Application Procedure
Parents telephone for an appointment

None - donations are accepted

Geographical Restrictions

Parent observation of all sessions is


Tammi Dushack
Speech-Language Pathologist

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