Is the Long Beach Event Center part of the Long Beach Scottish Rite?

All of the business and financial matters of the Long Beach Scottish Rite are handled by the Scottish Rite Cathedral Association of Long Beach, Inc. The Association is doing business as (dba) the Long Beach Event Center for the purpose of renting the facilities.

Is the Scottish Rite part of the Masonic order?

Yes, the Scottish Rite, like many other Masonic organizations, is part of the Masonic family. A person may not join the Scottish Rite unless he is a a Master Mason in good standing.

What are "Degrees?"

Degrees are the Masonic way of teaching a man to be a better person using allegories and symbols. The First, Second and Third degrees are conferred by the Masonic Lodge and are required for a man to be a Master Mason. The Fourth through Thirty-second degrees are primarily a rite of instruction by drama and are conferred by the Scottish Rite.

Did the Scottish Rite originate in Scotland?

No, the Scottish Rite had it's beginnings in France. In 1740, Chavalier Ramsey, a Scottish nobleman, established a Lodge which he called Harodim, but the French called it Scotsman's Lodge Masonry, which may have something to do with the misnomer, "Scottish Rite."

When did Scottish Rite Masonry, as it is constituted today, come into being?

In 1754, the Chevalier de Bonneville established in the College of Claremont in Paris a chapter of twenty-five so-called High Degrees. This college was a sort of refuge for the Stuarts of Scotland, which also may have some bearing on the name, "Scottish Rite." These degrees were then taken by Marquis de Lernais to Berlin and in 1762, Frederick the Great "formed and promulgated" what is known as the Constitutions of 1762. In 1786 eight degrees were added to the twenty-five and the name was changed to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

When and how was the Scottish Rite established in the United States?

By the creation of a Supreme Council in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1801.

How is Scottish Rite Masonry organized?

The government of the Scottish Rite is vested in the various Supreme Councils, two in the United States and one in each of 36 foreign countries. Each Council functions autonomously and is subject to no overall authority, but all work together harmoniously. The Long Beach Scottish Rite is part of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction which encompasses all of the states except the 15 states north of the Ohio river and east of the Mississippi river. Our Supreme Council is based in Washington, DC.

When was the Long Beach Scottish Rite formed?

By official Letters Temporary issued by the Supreme Council on September 29, 1924.

When was the Long Beach Scottish Rite building built?

The official ground breaking ceremony was on July 5, 1925

What is the significance of the caps worn by Scottish Rite Masons?

The hat has long been regarded as the symbol of a free-born man. Scottish Rite Freemasons wear different colored caps to denote their attainments. Seven different colored caps have been authorized by the Supreme Council but we will only describe three here. Black indicates a man who has received the 32° and is the first color awarded. Red is for a KCCH or "Knight Commander Court of Honor" and is awarded to certain men who have rendered a signal service to the Rite. White is awarded in recognition of outstanding service to the Rite, or in public life, to the principles taught in the Degrees and denotes the last, or 33°.