e call this outstanding example of early 1900's opulance the "Theatre". From the 30 foot high ceiling with hand painted designs to the striking stage columns it is a joy to behold.

The stage measures 27 feet across the front curtain area and is 40 feet deep. This makes it suitable for most any theatrical performance, wedding, gathering or business presentation. There is seating for 800 and all have a clear view of the stage.

Excellent Sound and Lighting System

The Theatre is equiped with an excellent sound and lighting system and has a large drop down projector screen for 35MM or video projection. In addition, the stage is monitored by closed circuit TV. A fully equipped sound booth is located on the balcony at stage left and the light board is backstage stage right.

The Green Room

A large (33' X 13') preparation room that we call the "Green Room" is located backstage where wedding parties, actors and others can prepare themselves for going "on stage". This room has a closed circuit stage TV monitor installed.

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