t is with regret that we have announced the closing of our event center. We wish to thank those who have worked with us in the past and recently to make the Long Beach Scottish Rite Event Center a premier venue for a wide variety of events.

The chart below gives basic information about all of our rooms. For more detailed information, click on the room name. For questions, see cantact information below.

Room Name Size Sq. Ft. Ceiling Ht Assembly With Tables
Theatre N/A N/A 30' 800 N/A
Ballroom 75' x 51' 3825 sq ft 15' 596 278
President's Room 49' x 34' 1666 sq ft 10' 170 80
Boardroom 29' x 23' 667 sq ft 15' 55 30

For further information please contact:

Long Beach General Secretary:Hon. Jonathan Dilley, 32°, K.C.C.H.

Address: Long Beach Scottish Rite Voice: (562) 436-3983
855 Elm Ave. Fax: N/A
Long Beach, CA 90813