Scholarships for Undergraduates

Hundreds of students have received college degrees over the years through the Foundation's scholastic grants. In 1966, the Ralph Ruppert Scholarship Trust Fund was opened for worthy young men and women of California seeking higher education. Under the trust we are limited each year to investment earnings which fluctuate. In 1980, the Foundation set up a Special Scholarship fund to further expand our student assistance program.

Eligibility - California residents aged 17 to 25 seeking a college degree, whether a beginning freshman or already enrolled.

Award - $1,500 per year, for a maximum of four years or until completion of undergraduate degree, paid directly to the student at $750 in August and $750 in February upon receipt of the necessary documentation. Any fully accredited college or university nationwide is acceptable. The major must be a standard academic field with general undergraduate background.

Graduate Aid

Our graduate aid provides scholarships for California residents in Public School Careers or Speech Language Pathology Careers.

Public School Administration Career - A career educator with experience in the classroom and public school administration must satisfy the 60 semester hours required for a doctorate. These educators seek advancement in the Elementary or Secondary levels of our public education system as Administrators or Superintendents.

Eligibility - Any graduate student.

Award - The $6,000 is awarded towards your costs of tuition and living allowance. The $6,000 is paid at $3,000 in August and the Second $3,000 in February upon proof of satisfactory progress in a letter from your Dean. Requests for applications will ONLY be accepted Jan. 2 - Feb. 10, 2006.

Speech Language Pathology Careers - Students seeking a career in Speech Language Pathology at a school providing such programs in California.

Eligibility - Any graduate student.

Award - $6,000 is awarded towards your costs of tuition and living allowance. The $6,000 is paid at $3,000 in August and the Second $3,000 in February upon proof of satisfactory progress in a letter from your Dean. This is a one-time ONLY award.

Contact - Scholarship application forms for both undergraduates and graduates will ONLY be forwarded on request from January 2, 2006 to February 10, 2006. To request an application, send us a letter with the students name and address at 855 Elm Avenue, Long Beach, CA 90813 or for further information call (562) 435-6061.

Special Appeal for Funds

Your gift in support of your local Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center should be mailed directly to that Language Center which deposits and acknowledges your donation.

Your contributions forwarded in the enclosed donation envelope will go directly to the Foundation for: our Childhood Language Center Program, Scholarships, and other Charitable Programs. The Foundation supports new Scottish Rite Childhood Language facilities with a yearly subsidy of $15,000 for the first three years of operation. These Charitable Programs supported by the Foundation are a substaintial drain on our resources.

Thus, the Foundation is the lifeblood of our California Scottish Rite charities. We appreciate your understanding and support of our Charitable Programs. Without your contributions to the California Scottish Rite Foundation, these Charitable Programs would not exist.

You may give IN HONOR OF or IN MEMORY OF a selected individual. This donation will be acknowledged to the Honoree or to the party named by you on an IN MEMORY OF donation. The amount of the donation will remain private and will only appear on your donation acknowledgement.

Your charitable gifts are tax deductible under Federal and State Rulings.

Our Taxpayer ID# with the IRS is #94-6078728.

Estate Planning

Many Scottish Rite Masons remember the Foundation when they plan their estates for tax-exempt bequests.

Remind your attorney when drawing your Will:

  • Bequest is payable to California Scottish Rite Foundation and can be earmarked for your favorite arm of charity such as Americanism or Scholarships or any of our 15 Childhood Language Centers statewide.

  • The Foundation now honors our members who through their thoughtful generosity choose to provide a will bequest or trust to support our Childhood Language Center Program. These friends are honored on the California Scottish Rite "Living Legacy" Family Showcase, located on our Website.

    It provides members and friends a personal location to honor their family's heritage, to remember special events and to provide a lasting memory of those close and dear.

  • Introducing the California Scottish Rite Foundation sponsored SAFE Income Plan - "How to Increase Your Monthly Income, Enjoy Risk Free Lifetime Income, and Still Have All of Your Money."

    For more information for your Family Story on the "Living Legacy" Family Showcase or the SAFE Income Plan, please contact the Foundation Secretary at (562) 435-6061.

Financial Support

Our charities are supported by the Scottish Rite Masons who belong to 19 Scottish Rite Valleys in California:

Bakersfield Pasadena San Jose
Burlinggame Sacramento Santa Ana
Fresno San Bernardino Santa Barbara
Long Beach San Diego Santa Rosa
Los Angeles San Fernando Valley Stockton
Oakland San Francisco Ventura
Palm Springs

Officers & Staff

Chariman of the Board and President William F. Stovall
Vice President Melville H. Nahin
Vice President and Secretary Lester W. Miller
Vice President - Finance Raymond Godeke
Treasurer Herbert P. Wilkins
Clinic Executive Director James J. Achenbach

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