1. Maintain the Cathedral and all rental properties.
  2. Work in concert with the Office Manager.
  3. Review quarterly audits of the bank accounts, income and expense reports to determine that adequate funds are available to support the requirements of the Long Beach Scottish Rite.
  4. Interface with Dues Chairman regarding status of dues payments.
  5. Obtain approval of the Board of Directors for all expenditures other than ordinary operating expenses and for any business decisions affecting the Long Beach Scottish Rite.
  6. Keep the Personal Representative and the Board of Directors informed at all times of the general business operations of the Long Beach Scottish Rite.
  7. Insure that all tax forms and the Annual Report are prepared and filed. Further insure that all property taxes are paid in a timely manner.
  8. Coordinate all Masonic activities with Department Heads, Director of the Work, Office Manager and the Personal Representative.
  9. Prepare all agendas and other documents necessary to run stated meetings and Inspector General's Advisory Conferences. Maintain minutes of each Stated Meeting. I.G.A.C. meetings do not require minutes.
  10. Coordinate Degree nights, Ladies Night Dinners, I.G.A.C.'s and any other special event with support groups, security and any other group associated with the event.
  11. Coordinate all activities scheduled by the Program Director.
  12. Coordinate the preparation, printing and mailing of the Long Beach Scottish Rite Reporter.
  13. Directly supervise all meal services directed by the Head Purveyor, including set-up, cost and clean-up.

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