Michael Tugwell, 32°


How It All Began

The Long Beach Scottish Rite Library had its beginning in 1945 with one library table and a small collection of books that could be held between one pair of bookends. Over the years it has grown to include several thousand volumes and an untold number of periodicals and research papers. Books are acquired by individual donations from extensive collections, from estates and by purchase of current publications.

By far the largest acquisition of material was from the Los Angeles Masonic library when it was closed. They were located in downtown Los Angeles and were supported by the Masonic lodges in the area. They had no place to go, so the Long Beach Scottish Rite volunteered to take over the responsibility, both for housing and financial support.

From the modest beginning of one table and two bookends, this library has grown to a collection of several thousand books, occupying more than 350 square feet of space. It is undoubtedly the most complete Masonic Library in Southern California.

You Can Borrow Books

The Long Beach Scottish Rite Masonic Library is a lending library. Members of California Masonic Bodies, York Rite or Blue Lodge may borrow books. A current membership card in any of these is your library card. Persons not eligible to borrow books may use the library during regular library hours if it is determined that it is for a legitimate purpose. In special circumstances a person not eligible to borrow books can have a Long Beach Scottish Rite Member become their sponsor. The sponsor must assume full responsibility for any obligations incurred including the return of books.

The library staff, at this time, is in the process of cataloging all of the books. Over two thousand volumes have been cataloged, and information pertaining to each book has been entered into a computer. A search system using the title, author's name or subject matter can locate a book on the shelf in a matter of seconds.

We have many duplicate copies of our books. At the moment, we do not have a listing of them, however we do hope to have one in the near future. If you are interested in purchasing any book, please contact us and we may be able to accomodate you.

The Long Beach Scottish Rite Library has for years been a subscriber to many Masonic publications and Research Lodges. Monthly, quarterly and periodic news magazines are collected and sent to a bookbinder to be hard bound. Transactions from the various ruling bodies are also on file, these having very informative lectures and essays. The Short Talk Bulletins which the Masonic Service Association publishes are also on file and have proven invaluable to many. The Library is a "mine" of information for the serious student and also for those who just like to browse. Come, sit, read and enjoy; you will be made most welcome.

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