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What does "Free Will and Accord" mean?

Accord is from two Latin words "ad cor", meaning to the heart, and hence it mean "hearty consent". In Masonry it signifies "free will and hearty consent".

To whom does "Adhering Mason" apply?

Those Masons who during the anti-Masonic excitement in this country refused to leave their Lodges and renounce Masonry were so called.

What is Adoptive Masonry?

A name given to certain degrees resembling Masonry and Masonic in spirit, which have been invented for ladies who have claims upon the Order of Masonry through relatives who are members of it. The American Adoptive rite is the Order of the Eastern Star.

How is the word "advanced" used in Masonry?

"Advanced" is peculiarly applied to a candidate in the York Rite - Mark degree which is the equivalent of the "4th" degree, or one step beyond the 3 degrees given in the Masonic lodge. He is said to have advanced to the honorary degree of "Mark Master".

Has a woman ever been made a Mason?

The Hon. Mrs. Aldworth received, about the year 1735, the first and second degrees of Freemasonry in Lodge No. 44, at Doneraile, in Ireland. When very young, the then Miss St. Leger proceeded to spy on the lodge. At that time, spying was a crime and her life could have been forfeited but for the timely appearance of her brother, Lord Doneraile. It was agreed that she would be given the first two degrees. She was known in later life as Sister Aldworth and she never forgot the lessons of charity and fraternal love taught her. This was evidenced by the many acts of kindness she offered to the poor from her large estate.

What is the symbolism of the Masonic altar?

The altar in Masonry is not merely a convenient table to hold a Bible. It is a sacred utensil of religion, intended, like the altars of the ancient temples, for religious uses, thus identifying Masonry as a religious institution. Its presence should lead all Mason's to view the ceremonies in which it is employed with solemn reverence.

What are the 2 principal anniversaries of Masonry?

The festivals of St. John the Baptist, June 24th and St. John the Evangelist, December 27.

What is the relation of architecture to Masonry?

Architecture is one of the first occupations in which man employed himself and architecture has come far since the first crude huts. Thus Mason's have adopted the title from one of the most ancient and honourable occupations of mankind, in allusion to the antiquity of our order.

What is the fourth point of fellowship?

The back. Masonry sometimes uses certain parts of the human body for its symbolism. Oliver says: "It is a duty incumbent on every Mason to support a brothers character in his absence equally as though he were present; not to revile him - behind his back -, nor suffer it to be done by others, without using every attempt to prevent it.

What is the symbolism of a canopy?

A "Baldachin", or canopy over the Masters chair in the lodge denotes the covering of the lodge itself. Both are symbols of the star-decked heavens, and signs of the universality of Freemasonry.

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