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What is the relation of the Bible to Masonry?

The Bible is used among Masons as the symbol of the will of God, however it may be expressed. Therefore whatever book expresses to any people God's will may be used in a Masonic lodge as a substitute for the Bible.

What does the broken column represent?

In Freemasonry, this is the emblem of the fall of one of the chief supporters of the Craft.

What is the Masonic carpet?

A kind of map, on which are pictured the emblems illustrative of the several degrees of Masonry, and by reference to which neophytes are instructed. They were formerly traced on the floor, hence the term carpet.

What does Caution mean to Mason's?

The Entered Apprentice, at his initiation in the US, is presented with a new name, which is Caution. This is to teach him that has not yet been completely instructed in the mysteries of Masonry and he should be cautious of his words and actions so no information will be given to the opponents of Masonry.

What does partial clothing symbolize?

In Masonry, partial clothing is a symbol teaching the aspirant that Masonry regards no man on acount of his worldly wealth or honors; and that it looks not to his outward clothing, but to his internal qualifications.

What is the symbolism of corn?

Corn was a symbol of the resurrection, which is significantly referred to in the third degree of Masonry

How is the word craft used in Masonry?

This applies to persons collectively in a trade, or mechanical occupation. In free of speculative Masonry it signifies the whole Masonic family, wherever dispersed.

Of what is darkness a symbol?

It is intended to remind the candidate of his ignorance which Masonry is to enlighten; of his evil nature, which Masonry is to purify; of the world, in whose obscurity he has been wandering and from which Masonry is to rescue him.

Why is the Senior Warden's station in the west?

In Masonry, this is symbolic of the fact that, in ancient times, the days work closed when the sun set in the west. All workers were only hired by the day and received their wages at the end of each day.

Who is called the father of modern Masonry?

Of those engaged in the revival of Masonry at the beginning of the 18th century none performed a more important part than John Theophilus Desaguliers. It was his learning and social position that gave standing to the insignificant assemblage of four London lodges at the Apple-Tree Tavern. From this, Masonry expanded into an association which now overshadows the entire civilized world.

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