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What does "dotage" mean in Masonry?

"Dotage" may be technically defined as an impotence of body as well as mind. It is not the number of years but the effect on the mind which may be considered by a lodge considering a candidate for admission.

Of what is the dove emblematic?

This bird was the diluvian messenger of peace, and hovered over the retreating waters like a celestial harbinger of safety. Freemasonry has allowed this bird to occupy a high place among its hallowed symbols because it was an agent at the creation, at the deluge and at the baptism of Christ.

What is the symbolism of the foot in Masonry?

It is symbolic of "we should never halt nor grow weary in the service of a brother Mason".

What is the form of a lodge?

A lodge should always be an oblong square, in length, between the East and West; in breadth, between the North and South; in height, from earth to heaven; and in depth from the surface to the center. This indicates that Freemasonry is prevalent over the whole face of the globe.

How is the word free applied to Masons?

This originally signified that the person was free of the company of guild or incorporated Masons. Operative Masons who were not free could not work with those who were. Also, it is a rule of Masonry, that no one can be initiated who is at the time restrained of liberty.

What is the furniture of a lodge?

The Holy Bible, the Square, and the compasses. These are the three great lights of Masonry. The first is the guide of our faith, the second is to regulate our actions and the third to keep us within proper bounds with all mankind.

What is the relation of Geometry to Masonry?

Geometry has a special relationship to architecture and we can, therefore, under the name of geometry, understand the whole art of Freemasonry.

Why cannot an atheist become a Mason?

A belief in the existence of God is an essential point of Speculative Masonry - so essential that it is a landmark of our Order. Freemasonry accepts the idea of God, as a supreme fact, and bars its gates with inflexible sternness against those who deny his existence.

Why do Masons observe the Golden Rule?

Freemasonry recommends the practice of the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do to you, so as to inspire in our own hearts, a love of virtue and good will to man.

What is the Masonic name for the deity?

The Great Architect. It is not improper, when we are always speaking of Masonry, to call God the Great Architect of heaven and earth, as we also call him the Lord of lords and King of kings.

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