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What is the ground floor of a lodge called?

It is called Mount Moriah from the Mount upon which King Solomon's Temple was built. It is symbolic of the three grand offerings of Masonry; First, it was here that Abraham prepared to offer up his son Isaac; It was here that David , when his people were afflicted with the pestilence, built an altar and offered peace offerings to appease God, and lastly, here King Solomon dedicated the magnificent temple to Jehovah with pious prayers and many costly presents.

What does the hand symbolize in Masonry?

The hand as a symbol holds a high place, because it is the principal seat of the sense of feeling so necessary to and so highly revered by Masons. The same symbol is found in the ancient religions, and some of their analogies to Masonic symbolism is peculiar. The hand is most important as the symbol of that mystical intelligence by which one Mason knows another "in the dark as well as in the light".

Why do Masons revere the Holy Name?

Freemasonry teaches, in all its symbols and rituals, a reverence for the name of God, which is emphatically called the "Holy Name".

To whom should a Masonic lodge be dedicated?

In the sixteenth century, St. John the Baptist was considered the patron of Freemasonry but subsequently the honor was divided between the two Saints John, the Baptist and the Evangelist. In America, lodges are universally consecrated to God and dedicated to the Holy Saints, John.

Are the ceremonies the true Masonic secrets?

The ceremonies are in reality but the shell in which the true secrets reside. The true secrets are the changes which happen to a man when he joins Masonry and really accepts responsibility for his own life and at the same time, truly decides that his real happiness is in helping others.

What is Jacob's Ladder?

Its name came from the vision of Jacob who saw the ladder with its foot on the earth and its top reaching to heaven with Angels continually ascending and descending on it. In Masonry, the ladder is a symbol of progress with three principal steps, Faith, Hope and Charity plus four cardinal steps.

What is the ineffable name?

In Masonry, Jehovah is said to be the ineffable name. The Masonic symbol for this is the equilateral triangle, called the delta, with or without a Yod in the center, the Yod alone and the letter G. It is considered the true word by Masons.

What is Johannite Masonry?

The lodges of symbolical Masonry which were formerly dedicated to King Solomon are now dedicated to St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist. Hence the first three degrees are called Johannite Masonry.

What does the alarm at the door symbolize?

A candidate for Masonry must "ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you". He who cannot knock in the full confidence of an honorable feeling, and is not convinced in his own mind that he deserves to be admitted, ought not to have the door of the lodge opened to him.

What does the lamb symbolize?

In ancient craft Masonry the lamb is the symbol of innocence; thus in the ritual of the first degree: "In all ages the lamb has been deemed an emblem of innocence." Hence it is required that a Mason's apron be made of lambskin.

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