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What are the ancient landmarks of Masonry?

The universal language and the universal laws of Masonry are called landmarks, but not so are the local ceremonies, laws, and usages, which vary in different countries. To attempt to altar or remove these sacred landmarks, by which we examine and prove a brother's claims to share in our privileges, is one of the most heinous offenses that a Mason can commit.

What is the symbolism of the left side?

The First Degree is represented by the left side, which is to indicate that as the left is the weaker part of the body so is the Entered Apprentice degree the weaker part of Masonry. The doctrine that the left is weaker is very ancient.

What is the symbolism of the level?

In Freemasonry the level is the symbol of equality; not of the social equity which would destroy all distinctions of ranks and position; but of the fraternal equality, which recognizing the fatherhood of God, admits as a necessary corollary the brotherhood of man. It is one of the jewels of the lodge as it has been adopted as the ensign of the Senior Warden. Also, it is one of the working tools of a Fellowcraft, still retaining its symbolism of equality.

What is the symbolism of the lost word?

The mythical history of Freemasonry informs us that there once existed a WORD of surpassing value, and claiming a profound veneration; that this WORD was known to but a few; that it was at length lost; and that a temporary substitute for it was adopted. The WORD, with its accompanying myth of loss, a substitute and a recovery, becomes a symbol of the personal progress of a candidate from his first initiation to the completion of his course.

Why is a candidate divested of all metals?

He who wishes to be initiated into Freemasonry must be willing to relinquish all descriptions of metal, and all the advantages of rank or fortune, for it is the man that is received into Masonry, not his rank or riches.

What is the origin of the office of Deacon?

The title is derived from the Greek language, which signifies an attendant or servant. In Masonry the Senior Deacon sits to the right of and is the special minister of the Master and the Junior Deacon sits to the right of and is the special minister of the Senior Warden. Also they serve as proxies in the active duties of the lodge.

What is operative and speculative Masonry?

Operative Masonry is the application of architectural principles to the actual construction of buildings. Speculative Masonry is the scientific application and the religious consecration of the rules and principles, the technical language and the implements of operative Masonry to the purification of the heart and the betterment of mankind.

What are the original points of Masonry?

Ancient Masonry admitted twelve original points, which constitute the basis of the entire system, and without which no person ever did or can be legally received into the Order. They are - opening, preparing, reporting, entering, prayer, circumambulation, advancing, obligated, intrusted, invested, placed and closing.

What is the Masonic Covenant?

In entering into the covenant of Masonry, the candidate makes a promise to the Order; for this covenant is simply a promise where he voluntarily places himself under a moral obligation to act within certain conditions in a particular way.

What are the three tenants of Masonry?

They are Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

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